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4.8 ( 1048 ratings )
Geliştirici: Catastrophic Comics

SPARKS is a critically acclaimed superhero noir thriller created by William Katts Catastrophic Comics.

This Full application features a ground breaking motion comic story mode with incredible animation and amazing voice talent by Michael Pare (Eddie and the Cruisers) Michael Bell (Transformers TV Series) Charlie Brill (Star Trek) Courtney Taylor, Ashley Bell (The United States of Tera) and Kevin Sherwood (Gamers).

In addition to the motion comic the full application includes 68 full color images from the original comic book.

In episode 1 of 7 we follow the story of would-be masked vigilante Ian Sparks, who discovers the price of being a super hero is much too high.

This Lite App includes a brief movie and a few pages of the comic.

Sparks 2 coming soon!